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  The Connection
Dave O'Mara has been a supporter of R.O.C.K. for many years as he has recognized the value of the organization and the positive impact it has on San Francisco's at-risk kids. Dave is proud to support R.O.C.K. and hopes to generate exposure and funding as a result of his ride. In addition to much needed hope in a low-income, high violence community, learn how R.O.C.K. will spend your donation.

R.O.C.K. is a grassroots, nonprofit youth development organization located in the heart of San Francisco's Visitacion Valley. R.O.C.K. offers sports and fitness, community service, learning enrichment, leadership training and outdoor adventure programs for girls and boys ages 6 - 17 that live or attend school in Visitacion Valley. R.O.C.K. provides thousands of hours of youth development programming each year to over 450 children. The mission of R.O.C.K. is nurture the healthy development of children by listening attentively to their needs and by providing opportunities to those who might not otherwise have access. Visit for more information.

The Need
R.O.C.K. serves a community of children who are posed with countless social and economic challenges. Many children from Visitacion Valley come from single parent homes as well as live in one of the community's four public housing developments, one of which is considered among San Francisco's most violent. These challenges are further evidenced in the number of children who test well below their grade level on national standardized tests, the number of children receiving free or reduced school lunches and the number of immigrant families for whom English is a second language.

The combination of many of these factors results in a community of young people where challenges are severe and resources are limited. R.O.C.K.’s ability to provide quality youth development programs using its collaborative and community approach satisfies a critical need to this low income, under-served community of San Francisco.

The R.O.C.K. Model
The idea behind the R.O.C.K. model is that children enter the program as they become elementary school participants. During this phase of their development, a big emphasis is placed on learning enrichment, sports/fitness and academic support. Participants of the program are exposed to a variety of new activities and feel a part of the R.O.C.K. Family as they form lasting relationships with many adult role-models. As participants enter middle school, in addition to learning enrichment and academic support, they are introduced to challenging outdoor activities as well as community service work. While in this program, participants continue to form trusting bonds with adults as well as begin to understand the importance of giving back to their community. As participants enter high school, an emphasis is placed on additional outdoor opportunities, leadership training and volunteering /job training. The purpose of this final programming phase is to prepare youth for success as they become adults. Overall, the true results are seen by the number of past participants who experience positive outcomes when they reach adulthood by attending college, returning to their communities and becoming productive members of society.

  A R.O.C.K. In My Life
by Monique Garrett

My name is Monique Garrett and I’m here to tell you about the role R.O.C.K. has played in my life. To illustrate this, I should tell you a little bit about me. I graduated with honors from Sacred Heart Cathedral High School where I was a captain of the state championship basketball team and am about to graduate from St. Mary's College in Moraga with a degree in kinesiology. All of this was made possible through my involvement with R.O.C.K. I can honestly say from experience that R.O.C.K. consists of people who genuinely care for the kids. I started attending R.O.C.K. as an eight year old at “Skill Drills” on Saturdays and as I got older, R.O.C.K. continued to be a part of my life. Upon entering middle school, R.O.C.K. started its outdoor adventure and leadership training program which proved to me that they wanted to see their participants grow and mature. I eventually became a volunteer as I entered high school and still the staff stayed in touch and made sure that I reached my full potential. Without R.O.C.K. in my life, I wouldn’t be as
focused or concentrated on the future and how I can help others. I owe all my success to R.O.C.K. because its staff and volunteers taught me how to utilize opportunities even through adversity and obstacles that seemed impossible. I want to thank you for choosing to make R.O.C.K. a part of your lives because as long as R.O.C.K. is around, the lives of children will be changed for the better.

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