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About the Trip
What started off as an after thought has blossomed into reality. Dave's trip starts off in Santa Monica, CA at 5pm on Saturday, May 22nd and heads East. Avoiding the Sierras and Rockies (he is not that crazy), Dave is scheduled to travel roughly 80 miles per day, Monday through Saturday mornings. During each travel day, he will have a car accompanying him to ensure his safety. In the afternoons and evenings, Dave will obviously attempt to recover, but will also try to volunteer at various organizations along the way. Dave will end his journey at Washington, DC approximately the second week of July.

Follow in Real Time
Thanks to Spy Associates, you will be able to track Dave in Real-Time. We just learned how to disable the device when Dave is not on the bike. If you don't see him moving for a while, we have probably disabled it. To follow Dave, visit http://www.spymatrixtracking.com and log in using spymatrix1 as the username and gps as the password. Once in, click on "Map Control" and "Center".

Be sure to check out Dave's Route (check out his city-to-city itinerary)

Througout the trip, Dave will be providing us with a blog of where he is at on both Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to follow on both.

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