Meet Aunt Claire
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  Meet Aunt Claire
Sister Claire O’Mara (pictured in yellow) is Dave’s great aunt. She is an Ursuline nun who, at 88, now lives in a retirement community in Hastings on Hudson, N.Y. For most of her adult life, she was an educator and missionary in Latin America and in the Bronx. She dedicated herself to working with the poor and less fortunate wherever she was. She was always steadfast in her commitment to her beliefs and values. In 1995, New Rochelle College honored her, along with Rosa Parks, as a “Woman of Conscience.”

Aunt Claire visited Dave and his mother every few years. They both found her to be funny and always exciting. She was interested in Dave’s social life, his education and sports. She encouraged him to follow his dreams, do good work and try to have fun. Once, prior to a school dance, she attempted to bring him up to speed on ballroom dancing (it was fun for both, but he still has 2 left feet). She continues to be one of Dave’s biggest supporters.
Sister Claire, through her kindness, delight in adventure and willingness to take risks, has been the inspiration for Dave’s decision to undertake this road trip.

Meet Dave O'Mara
Though he enjoys staying physically fit, he has no delusions of becoming the next Lance Armstrong. As of March 5th, Dave probably hadn’t been on a road bike for more than five miles during the last 15 years. He has spent the recent weeks preparing on a stationary bike at a local gym. After choosing to leave his current employment, Dave wants to accomplish five things with his time off:

1. Make time for reflection
2. Raise money for charity (find out why you should donate)
3. Get involved in something bigger than he
4. Involve friends and family
5. See parts of America he hasn’t seen before

Dave (pictured on the right - yes, he is quite a bit older now and will not be riding a Huffy) lives in San Francisco and is obviously unemployed.

Team Following Claire

Special thanks to all of those involved in making Following Claire a reality.


Mark Crow
Steven Homs
Casey O'Mara
John O'Mara
Jim Pucelik
Andy Schroeder
Curt Yagi

  How to Help
Team Following Claire can use a few more members of its team. Here are a number of ways you can help out:

- Put Dave up for the night when he rides through your town.
- Ride along with Dave during a leg of his trip. A bike is available and all you need to bring are your seat, pedals and fresh legs.
- Drive the Team Following Claire car alongside Dave.
- Have dinner with Dave. Dave is only riding in the mornings and will have lots of time in the afternoon/evening to eat. Get to know him, he is a great guy.
- Help to generate press with your local media as he rides through your town.
- Of course, the easiest way to support is to make a donation.

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